images[4] First, let me say welcome to my blog Wine, cheese, and chocolate and not to forget the chocolate martini’s. I have started and stopped writing this blog. The thoughts never seeing the light of day.  But,as they say. Carpe Diem seize the day. So today is the  day it begins. 

What is the blog about?  Anything and everything (almost, no politics or religion, everyone has thoughts and feelings, as I do, but those are items discussed on other blogs geared to them).

So what to talk about? Drivers, the good, the bad and the ugly? Children? Life, love, movies, songs, you name it.  Not to mention wine, cheese and chocolate. Books, writers, life, the list is endless.

Basically, it’s a party. So grab a glass, fill your plate and get comfortable.

So how was your day?  Did it go as planned or do you even plan your day?  Are you driven to accomplish goals  or perhaps you let the day just unfold?

I have a tendency to plan my days, start with A, move to B. It never works. Sure the first 30 minutes, maybe even the first hour it goes as expected. Then the shoe drops, or a crisis hits and it’s downhill from there?

Remember this is the beginning, I’m sure there will be mistakes as I muddle my way through this adventure. So join me as we take the journey.


Have some chocolate and let’s talk . chocolate